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 start feeling like yourself again

What is

The Plan?

My approach features action items, mindset & awareness, re-setting habits, information about how to improve your overall wellbeing, setting goals, discover balance and lifestyle ideas all designed especially to help you kick start your life, improve productivity, get hold of your health, and live your dreams starting today!

Do you feel stuck on the hamster wheel?  Are you juggling ALL.THE.BALLS?

Let's figure out how to do it different! 

Working with me will help you hone in on areas of your life that have an opportunity for lifestyle shifts to bring you joy, productivity, and step in the direction of your best life.


These plans are about addressing all the things that nourish us in our life and contribute to health and vitality.





Relax & Fun



Learning & Growth


Purpose & Fulfillment


Travel & Adventure

Community & Relationships

Self Care


Functional Spaces


Personal Style & Fashion

Mindset & Awareness

My plans are not about a quick fix or a fad.

Weekly steps to shift habits.

We will talk about all the aspects of what fills our cup and how to create balance.

Healthy Veggie Treats
Ocean Rocks


Personal coaching with a focus on wellbeing is not a diagnosis, a replacement for your doctor,  a dietician, or nutrition program.



It is a holistic approach to overall wellness, balance, and personal savvy that incorporates many aspects of life.  Coaching is a great way to explore different topics, identify roadblocks, have an accountability partner, create a plan, and learn lifestyle shifts that can change your overall wellness, and learn about ideas you can further explore to live your best life.

Coaching can provide inspiration, brainstorming, new habits, ideas for change and more! 

Through my training and education, I have developed a unique approach to equip you with knowledge and power to take care of yourself, ask questions, have meaningful discussions, balance all the daily “stuff” that creates joy and stress, connect with people, and find the energy and mindfulness you have been missing.  We will work together to have positive and motivating conversations to find out what works for YOU!

We will discuss many aspects that make up this thing called LIFE and create a vision and plan for you to achieve your best well-being.  I will not dictate a plan or regimen.  I will help you create your own plan through exploring ideas, goals, foods, lifestyle, and habits that can shift you toward true change. 

Some of the Big Picture themes…..

  • We are all different, there is not one perfect “diet” that suits everyone

  • Vision boards, life planning, and goal setting

  • Small incremental changes that lead to healthy habits

  • What nourishes us?

  • How do we mange cravings

  • What aspects of life contribute to overall wellness

  • How to we choose better options instead of extreme changes that will help you and your family discover food that nourishes

  • As a coach, my number one goal is to educate, empower, and motivate you to become your own expert, become self-aware and get in touch with your path to wellness.    


You will achieve: 

  • Better Energy and Focus

  • More Productivity

  • Less Stress

  • Better Rest – More Joy

  • Feel Better in Your Body

  • Enjoy Your Space

  • New Habits that Help You Live the Life You Want

Life will continue to throw curve balls our way, but if we have a better awareness and a plan, we can always re-adjust to roll with whatever lies before us while maintaining our feeling of health and happiness.


food really does impact so many aspects of life. Are you ready to do a food makeover? 
food really does impact so many aspects of life. Are you ready to do a food makeover? 


food really does impact so many aspects of life. Are you ready to do a food makeover? 


Easy Downloads


DIY 5 Day Clean Eating Kickstart

Eat Your Way 
instant download
Organic Farmers Market

DIY Guide to Paleo

Grain Free Made
instant download
Ketogenic diet meal preparation female h

DIY Guide to Clean Keto

Ketogenic Made
instant download
Dinner Party

Holiday Survival Guide

& Mini 4 Day Cleanse

instant download

lifestyle coaching

small shifts equal big change
High Fives

Personal Check-in


2 live 60 minute sessions to pinpoint a goal, set actionable items and stay accountable 
High Fives

Group Coaching


2 month program materials + live interactive sessions with Julie
Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 12.57.36

 Personal Lifestyle Reboot

4 month program materials + live 1:1 sessions with Julie
starting March 15
Nutritional Cooking

1:1 Personal Coaching Signature Program

Customized 6 month program including live 1:1 sessions with Julie
All Natural Bulk Food Dispensers


Programs & Services

fashion and style can contribute to feeling amazing with fantastic confidence

curate your closet

decluttering and tidying up conceptual still-life, storage boxes with Keep and Declutter l

Closet Audit

Customized 6 month program including live 1:1 sessions with Julie
Clothes on Outdoor Rack

Create A Travel Capsule

We work together to put together a capsule from your wardrobe to 


People During Workshop
People During Workshop

As a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, I can work with your business to design a plan to fit your needs.  How do you want to change your culture, incorporate wellness, and shift employee habits?  We can discuss a wide range of offerings from coffee chats or lunch-n-learn workshops to wellness initiatives to one-on-one coaching. Contact me to today to set up a consultation.

Female Lecturer

Inspiring change as a speaker is something I am passionate about!  Do you have an event or employee meeting that needs an infusion of healthy living?  Contact me to learn about the presentation topics I offer or to develop a custom program that fits your needs.

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