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Meal Plan

It feels good to eat well (and healthy)
Food is fuel.  Food is information.  What you give your body to run on makes a difference in the health of your cells, organs, and everything that makes you whole and healthy.  Thinking about food differently is the cornerstone of lifestyle change and beginning to transform how you feel and look. 
Chia pudding with berries, healthy break
protein power chia pudding
celery juice
Chia is high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. I love preparing chia pudding with unsweetened almond milk, such as Elmhurst or New Barn brand.  It can be prepared a day or two before and be ready for a quick and easy morning grab.  Adding a few nuts or berries is a perfect way to boost antioxidants and nutrients.  For additional flavor, consider adding vanilla or almond extract or cinnamon. 
roasted beans
feta cheese or goat cheese
pine nuts
Increasing our veggie intake is one of the keys to achieving vitality and optimal health.  But it doesn't have to be the same old boring salad.  Roast some fresh green beans and toss with a little olive oil, beets, feta or goat cheese and pine nuts.   This lunch will be loaded with fiber, goodness from greens, protein, and healthy fats.   
organic pasture raised chicken
arugula, avocado, quinoa & blueberry salad
roasted brussel sprouts & tomatoes
One of the keys to getting good protein is how you source it.  This is one of the places, it is worth a little investment.  Buy the best you can afford...consider organic, pasture raised if you can.   Adding a spin on salad with healthy fats from avocado is a plus.  Make your own dressing to get the best quality, such as olive oil,  100% pure maple syrup, lime juice and chia seeds.   Round out your plate with roasted Brussel sprouts and tomatoes to complete your veggie servings for the day.
Fruits and Nuts
organic nut mix
avocado toast
70% dark chocolate
Nuts are a powerhouse snack.   You only need a small serving to satisfy a hunger spell or craving... a few tablespoons.  The best choices are organic, raw nuts.  But if you are grabbing pre-packed buts, opt for organic and no salt if possible.   Another great snack is avocado and tomato on a sprouted seed bread.  If you have a sweet tooth, lean into dark chocolate.  One little square from a big bar should do the trick with a cup of tea.
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