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My name is Jules.  I love clean counters, spunky decor, sunny days, fun with family, dogs (especially my two Golden Retrievers), travel, clothes, shoes, boating, Jimmy Buffett music, food, health, exercise, reading, learning, inspiring others, organization and business. (and a little chocolate too)

Just like a map has latitudes and longitudes, so does life!  Each point along the way defines us and guides us.  It’s about your individual journey.

After 17 years of connecting with people face to face in the sales arena, I decided to take a step back to my roots and spend my time a little differently.

I was born in Chicago, but my parents took the show on the road and transplanted us to Florida at a young age.  I LOVE the Florida life….salt air, sandy toes, rolling waves, humid days and starry nights.  Life brought me back to the Midwest with my husband’s career and that is where I currently reside and raise our family. I am so fortunate to travel often, so that salty air is never too far away.  Multi-tasking was my middle name and diverse interests and commitments have always littered my desk and to-do list.  Like many women out there, I have had lots of waypoints on my life map:

  • Managing a Professional Sales Territory

  • Building a Successful Real Estate Team

  • Wife

  • Mother

  • Daughter

  • Sister

  • Volunteering on non-profit boards & foundations

  • Fundraising

  • Event Planning

  • Consulting

  • Dog Lover

  • Homemaker

  • Traveling

  • Participating in a Family Business

  • Decorating

  • Reading

  • Health and Wellness

  • Learning

  • Business Planning

  • Troubleshooting

  • Coaching

  • Cooking

I am learning to take a step back and find my center, my happy place, my balance.  Focusing on myself and our core family is #1.  I hope a few spunky stories and straight talk will inspire you to find your perfect parallel on the map of life, or at least a few interesting stops along the way.    

In the midst of a rockin’ sales career, where I counseled hundreds of families through a major life transition of purchasing a home, I realized I was taking care of them and not taking care of myself.  I was suffering from exhaustion, weight gain, adult acne, mood swings, constant GI upset, and several issues related to my endocrine system.  The stress was taking over and I was not myself.

I was in my mid-thirties, working 60+ hours per week, raising a young child and feeling like crud.   I progressively started feeling worse and after a year of multiple doctors, tests, clinics, and discussions – I found myself with a health challenge requiring surgery.  When I was recovering, I realized just how unhealthy my life had become.

I had completely allowed myself to stray from the foundation I gave myself in school – a BS degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition!  I kept active throughout my younger years….cycling, aerobics, weight training and such.   I was a student athletic trainer in high school and had a focus on athletics and well-being.


That is when the shift began.   I began to realize that everything is connected.   I began to pull out my textbooks, read voraciously, exercise, adhere to a healthy eating regimen  (as best as I can…. I am human after all), and enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.    I wanted to explore ways to help other people like me and this course provided a great overview of today’s holistic coaching approach and over 100 diet/nutrition theories.  I also completed an online life coaching program and enrolled in an aromatherapy course.  I continue learning everyday.

Our life circumstances can elicit emotion…… emotion can lead to good or bad habits…… stress can impact our bodies…… our eating and lifestyle choices become a result of all these circumstances.  And all of this can control how we feel.   I became acutely aware of how a holistic approach to life choices can influence my overall wellness.

And so my journey to finding my perfect parallel began…. and my focus became clear:

To continue educating myself on all aspects of wellness so I can best help people guide themselves to find their perfect parallel of true wellness too!

When I stepped away and began refocusing on my core training and passion – health and wellness,  I found myself happier and healthier now in my 40’s than I have ever been.  And I feel great!  

Through my own health journey, I hope to empower and inspire you to find your “perfect parallel” of a balanced life and path to optimum wellness through education and coaching.

My Professional Resume

Ambassador & Champion for health and wellness. Unraveling how to feel great, live well, stay balanced and understand more.   I love to inspire people to make small cumulative changes that lead to feeling and being the best version of themselves.    It's a partnership in co-creating a personalized plan that works for you!

My Extensive Training and experience includes:

Bachelor of Science - Food Science & Human Nutrition - University of Florida
CHC - Certified Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition
PN1 - Precision Nutrition
CIHC - Certified International Health Coach - International Assoc. for Health Coaches
NBC-HWC - National Board Certified Health Wellness Coach - NBHWC
Certified Level 1 Aromatherapy - New York Institute of Aromatic Studies
Master Life Coach Certification
Certificate in Nutrition, Disease & Health Promotion
Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

I have attended in person sessions with renowned thought leaders and physicians including:

- Dr. Mark Hyman
- Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
- David Asprey
- Dr. Robin Berzin
- Geneen Roth
- Dr. Shefali Tsabary
- Marie Forelo
- Shelly Lefkoe
- Lauren Zander
- Dr. Judy Hinjosa
- Pedram Shojai
- and more.....

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I'm Jules.  I am a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, crusader for health, dog lover, and business person. I have learned to slow down, enjoy life, practice wellness, and strive to have clean counters in my kitchen.  I start every morning with a cup of clean coffee, have a solid morning routine, tend to be a type-A personality but strive for balance, work to be the best version of myself, and occasionally sneak a sweet treat! I have lived with and overcome multiple health challenges and want to empower you to feel better too by developing a lifestyle with healthy habits, increased awareness of self care, and mindfulness!  I have a B.S. in Food Science & Human Nutrition from the University of Florida. I am a NBC-HWC Board Certified Health Coach, only 4% of health coaches in the USA carry this credential.


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