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transformed their lives by working with Julie

“How can I begin to thank you for the positive change in our lives? After years of sluggishness and loss of my perky happy self, I am finally back where I feel I belong.  Your non-judgemental, simple questions guided me on the path to health.  My husband and I have benefited enormously from your suggestion to begin the 30 day elimination diet that incorporated clean eating.  As a result, we are more aware of the effects of everyday items in our diets and can adjust accordingly when we notice change.  When I can to you I was looking for a way to get the old (younger) me back and got the added bonus of losing 25 pounds going from a size 10 to a size 6.  You rooting me on and helping each step of the way made all the difference, I couldn't have done it without you. You are my greatest cheerleader and I can't thank you enough!  Your protégé and friend, 

-Jenny U.

"Julie is not only a dynamic and engaging presenter, she has a true passion for nutrition and health.  Her nutrition information was so enlightening and educational, that it was talked about weeks later.  Her presentations are inspirational and provide the right guidance for those who are looking to improve and understand the power of good nutrition in their lives.  Based on popular demand, we are looking forward to another presentation from Julie on nutrition very soon." 

- P.C. 

"Julie has changed my life both physically and spiritually! She has so much knowledge about the foods that we put in our bodies and how it effects our health. One of the keys things I loved about working with Julie was that it just wasn't about losing weight, it was about my overall health. By making the adjustments to my diet, I've felt like a whole new person. I have more energy, I feel great, and more focused. She has even helped me improve my sleeping habits. Julie takes the time to listen and does everything with your best interest at heart. I don't think I've met a more caring person! If you're looking for amazing life changes, Julie is your go-to person!!! Thank you Julie for helping me create a better me for the future!!!"


Thank you, - Melissa B. 

"Two years ago I asked Julie Lang to lend her services to my Surgical Services team who were desperate to get matter-of-fact real life advice on ways they could improve their health both physically and mentally. Julie Lang served in even more of a capacity! She became someone people on my team reach out to at any time to help guide in their choices with food that was going to be nourishing for the mind, body, and spirit; as well as exercise and wellness advice. 

She is a wealth of knowledge and the way that she helps to implement in real life is honest and true! She makes changes possible for people who are working and juggling balance in their lives every day! Julie was a wonderful asset to my team and I look forward to bringing her back again in the future to help the overall wellness and happiness of my team. Thank you so much Julie!"

Sincerely - Melissa M., Administrative Director of Surgical Services

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I'm Jules. I live in the Midwest with one toe in the sand in Florida. I am a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, crusader for health, dog lover, and business person. I have learned to slow down, enjoy life, practice wellness, and strive to have clean counters in my kitchen. I have lived with and overcome multiple health challenges and want to help you feel better too by developing a lifestyle with increased awareness of taking care of you!


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