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Decide. Focus. Do.

STOP “trying”.  Get that word out of your vocabulary.  Just decide, focus and do.

We travel for the holidays and when we arrive back home, I tend to take the month of January to settle in, purge, organize, and plan.    So, I officially start my “new year” on February 1st.  Who’s with me?  

You don’t try to pick your nose. You either are or you aren't! Same with eating well. You either are or you aren't!

The new year is upon us.  With the passing of another calendar, it seems apropos to reflect on past with gratitude and an open mind looking for learning opportunity based on the past year’s events.    Statistics show 40-45% of American adults make a New Year’s Resolution.   “Resolution” comes from the word “resolve.” The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “resolve” as:

Settle or find a solution toDecide firmly on a course of action 

The real issue is that while so many talk of a resolution, the fact is that nearly 80% of those resolutions fail.    We are all looking for a quick fix.  But in reality, when we look back at the root of the word, finding a solution or deciding firmly on a course of action does equate to a quick fix. 

A great majority of resolutions are rooted in losing weight, exercising, or eating healthy.  DIETS.   In fact, just this week, I have had this discussion twice since “the ball dropped” on December 31st and we rang in a new year.  My issue is the word DIET.     I wish it would be abolished from our vocabulary.     Our society has slowly become blind to real food and how we nourish our bodies to live and feel the best.   

The reality is, we have completely switched off the correct, natural sequence of biological activities and our bodies have had to pitch hit for the curve balls of crapp we keep feeding it.   It creates a cascade of of reactions that lead to feeling less than perfect, including many chronic diseases that might be preventable if we would just eat the way we were intended to, the way our ancestors ate and lived.

There is no “diet” that is going to be a long term fix.  Yes, there are ways you can drop a few quick pounds to get back in the little black dress for an upcoming event.  However, that is not sustainable or healthy. 

I am not a doctor or registered dietician, so I am by no means giving medical advice.  But I am sharing what I have researched, learned, and experienced in my own life.   I didn’t achieve the results I wanted until I fully committed to “A SOLUTION” and “COURSE OF ACTION.”   

And, this doesn’t only apply to eating - this is about ALL AREAS OF LIFESTYLE and CREATING THE BEST YOU!

That means getting real with yourself.  

That means dealing with some demons.

That means putting judgement and excuses to the side.

That means getting in touch with what really matters and why.

That means getting back in touch with your faith, meditation, or spirituality.

When you put these items on the table, it will empower you to embrace a different way of life.   


Whatever “it” is for you, just decide.  My mom always said “deciding is the hardest part, once you decide the action steps fall right into place.”

So until you really truly are stuck.  And the word, TRY….ugh, I hate it.  It keeps you in that limbo stuck mode.   Maybe you are okay with being in that place right now.  And that is okay.  Each one of us has to decide on own terms, but own it.  And don’t look for excuses or blame.  

Once you do decide, there are some clear cut steps to a real shift in changing your lifestyle to put you on a better path to health and feeling better.   One of my favorite books outlining these steps is “How to Make Disease Disappear”by Dr. Ragan Chatterjee.  Adapting the four pillars he outlines will put you on a path to real change.   These pillars and principles will set you up for restoring balancing and feeling great.

A few key ideas to putting a plan in place for a lifestyle shift:

Find an accountability partner. 

Write down your goals. 

Write down your why.  

Outline some small incremental steps that will lead to lasting change.  A real solution.

Plan these steps on your calendar to complete step by step.

Take Action - make yourself a priority.  No Excuses

Now, if your goals are related to making real change with food, you need to give yourself some grace and time.  This is not a magic bullet that will happen overnight.

The reason these steps are so important, is because we have to give our body a chance to heal, balance and re-program.  It is likely if you are struggling with weight or just feeling yucky...your leptin, insulin, blood sugar, other hormone levels, and dopamine are totally out of whack.  Once these are functioning the way they were meant to, you will have more control because you will feel hungry at right times, and not be susceptible to cravings.

Here are my top recommendations based on personal experience:

1.If you have questions, a medical condition, or take prescription medications, always check with your doctor before starting any changes.

2. Up your water intake - aim for half your body weight in ounces

3. Commit to better sleep.  Adults should be getting 7-9 hours of solid sleep per night.

4. Reduce your electronic usage

5. Get moving.   Really moving........ aim for 10,000 steps per day.    Add in 20-30 minutes of activity three times per week.

6. Cut the sugar and flour.  White stuff BE GONE.   Cereals, cookies, baked goods, pasta, noodles, etc....

7.  Ramp up veggies. I mean in a serious way.  We are so depleted of the good stuff that naturally occurs in vegetables.   Aim for 5-7 servings of veggies per day. 

8. Eliminate fried and processed food.  

9. Add in healthy fats with avocado, grass fed butter, olive oil, nuts and seeds. 

10. Write it down.   Your big goals, the incremental steps you will take to get there, and your why.

Are you ready? Commit to a new way of living, not a fad diet.   It’s not specifically about calories in/ calories out.   It’s about being smart, about portion control, about quality.   You can’t supplement your way out of a bad lifestyle. You have to decide and just do. That being said, I'm not a crazy drill Sargent and I am realistic about life, we all need a treat once in a while. One of my favorite visual charts to hand in my pantry is Dr. Mark Hyman's Pegan Food Pyramid.

If you want a printable of eating guidelines, checkout this InfographI created.

If you really are committed and need some help, send me an email for a FREE  30 minute consult with me to see if my coaching program would be a good fit for you. 

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