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Transition - Life is what happens.... So you renovate

Home renovation projects can create new energy and excitement but they are not for the faint of heart. Check out what we are up to on the blog and how we decided to embark on this project.

My mom always says life is what happens..... similar to the quote from John Lennon. Isn't that the TRUTH! We had been busy dreaming, planning, and evaluating a move back to our home town in Florida just before the pandemic began. While we still moved, the out come of that move has kept us in transition for over two years. While it has been an emotional roller coaster, I have come to realize that transition wasn't just a transition in space, but a transition in personal growth and change. It has been a HUGE lesson in how I respond to the circumstances in life and pivot. You can plan until the cows come home, but back to that is what happens. Often times, God has other plans for us.

Sometimes we feel like we are on a hamster wheel, we get sucked in and life just is happening. Getting through the "STUFF" can be challenging and even messy at times. We don't always put our best foot forward. And then, we retreat... because we just know we aren't being the best version of ourselves. Even. though there are curve balls coming from left, right, center, and behind..... you dig deep, take a breath, and wake up the next day with a renewed sense of energy. and then you PIVOT your approach and outlook. I just simply had to decide - I didn't want to put off the negative energy that the stress was creating. So, today I am starting with a fresh approach.

Here's a brief background:

When we moved back to Florida, we decided that the neighborhood we grew up in just wasn't the right fit for our family at this stage in life. So, we purchased a piece of property, a few acres outside of town, with a basic older ranch home built in the 70s. It needed WORK. Y'all there was a "master bath". - but NO DOOR! You could literally lay in bed and talk to the person on the potty..... I'm not sure if that is the best way to grow in intimacy - LOL! It was weird and dirty. And we found out the previous owners were feeding raccoons. We had a full extended family living in the yard - YUCK!!!

Our original plan was to build a new home and renovate this into a guest house. But some new information and circumstances presented themselves.... so, we decided to pivot and we are renovating the existing house. Now, I'm not just talking paint, throw pillows, and a new backsplash. Nope - this is a full on GUT THE HOUSE PROJECT.

It's a little chaotic - but the challenge of finding and creating solutions that match the needs of your family and life in the blank space is exciting.

When you decide to take on a renovation, I challenge you to list out the goals of what you need to FUNCTION WELL. How can the space serve you and make your life easier? Think outside the box. Don't just build on trend - create what your need. Find a way to marry the two - so it is functional and resale-able should you ever decide to move.

Here are some of the things we found when we thought about the space we needed:

  • A REAL master bedroom/bath/closet

  • A functional bedroom with desk for our teenage son

  • An open space to entertain

  • A larger garage and man cave area

  • Lots of storage

  • Dedicated spot for "stuff" you don't want laying around - like vacuums and cleaning supplies and dog food... and the bulk purchases from your Costco run

  • A bar area of course, because a periodic cocktail hour is important after all

  • Large dining area for big family dinners

  • Open and well designed kitchen space

  • Good laundry space

  • Someplace to create a home office space

  • An esthetically pleasing space for dog crates

  • Space for fitness and wellness products

  • A place to have fun

  • Outdoor living

  • A welcoming front entry

WOW - that's a long list! But we are jumping in with both feet. I hope you will follow along as we unravel this beast and create a space we are excited to call HOME. Stay tuned as I share pictures, tips, lessons, and design ideas on upcoming blogs. And along the way, I will be sure to be using a little Doterra Balance essential oil to soothe the feelings of crazy.

What type of space would make your life more functional and daily life easier and fulfilling? Do you have a space renew and recharge? How can you start with small changes to re-design or is a renovation in your future too? Do you have a favorite home project that changed your life?

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