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Time to revamp how you think about home

There are a lot of ways you can unpack and reflect on this quote. Today, this quote resonated with me today as I have been struggling with literally “where” we are in life. We moved back to the place we started - the place we consider HOME. Yet, something is missing. Something I realize we often take for granted is our HOME. WHAT IS HOME? There are so many sayings:

“Home is where your heart is”

“Home is family”

“Home is where you park it”

This is all true - but HOME is also where your Foundation is. It is where your normal is. It is where you come back to baseline. It is the place that you have created with your belongings - however big or small to help you cultivate the life you want each day. It is where you are equipped to be your best self. It is where you are surrounded by those that pick you up, cheer you on, and give love. It is where you let down your guard, where you are most comfortable, where you reset, recharge and restore. It should be your springboard to leap from and warm place to come back to. It is a space that inspires and brings joy.

HOWEVER sometimes it can limit us too if we “hide” at home too long without venturing out. It can become too comfortable where we don’t want to leave. It can become a dumping ground for stuff. But leaving is where we find growth. Where we find community, friendships, discover beauty, engage in interaction, live with purpose, learn, and appreciate the amazing world around us. It is when we leave that we FULLY APPRECIATE WITH GRATITUDE how wonderful home really is.

I am sharing some of my story and insights in hopes that it might help you or inspire you to re-evaluate your space and/or thoughts about home. The quote above really resonates with me because I realize how much you take for granted and possibly have blinders on about your blessings until you aren’t in that space or place. We become complacent. My mom always reminded me to “Bloom where you are planted”. But lately I haven’t even felt planted… I have felt like a leaf blowing in the wind….. with no real “sense of home” to return to. Have you ever felt this way?

I am definitely caught in the old adage “life is what happens when you make other plans”. We made plans for a move that did not unfold the way we planned or envisioned. We are still in the town we yearned to be….but we have been lacking our TRUE sense of home for 2.5 years. We have been in constant transition. We have not been able to truly create the space and function for the habits and routines that restore us, fill us up, make us strong, and create peace. I now more than ever, realize how desperately I just want to feel “at home”……….. DO NOT get me wrong - I KNOW how blessed we are - to have a roof and a bed and be surrounded by family and pets that we love and have our health. THIS IS ALL SO IMPORTANT. But at some point - no matter how big or small, it is important to be able to create your space to provide the tranquility and comfort and routine that helps give you the energy to live with purpose and maintain healthy habits.

For some - HOME is on the road. People that are nomads and have created their home in a suitcase or on a cross country bike ride or in their camper. Or people that choose careers that move from place to place. They design and pack what will give them the comforts of home. This transition we have been in - has been a challenge because we packed away some of those “normal” things and left a space (a house) that provided all those important aspects of home with the expectation that we would be unpacking and re-establishing home within a year. And that was 26 months ago………. So the transition piece is really the unexpected challenge. I never realized how emotionally draining it can be to live in transition without a sense of being able to truly and fully “come home.” When you are in someone else’s space that never is quite our own it can be unsettling and even a bit stressful, especially if it is not what we were prepared for.

So, today I am writing about how to pivot. How to think about it differently. How to get un-stuck. How to stop floating in the breeze. How to live with gratitude and develop a plan. How to CULTIVATE HOME.

I look back and acknowledge that sometimes we get stuck in a rut and let our home run amuck. We let it get cluttered with things, ideas, and habits that don’t necessarily serve us. And we just keep on keepin’ on……. Sometimes we fill our lives with busyness to avoid the reality. This time has been eye opening for me about how IMPORTANT HOME IS. It has challenged me to let go of “stuff.” I look at things differently - I am learning more about my own personal journey to grow as a person and live with gratitude and look to my faith. It has forced me to problem solve and come at things with a different approach. It has made me thankful for my husband and son and family each day. We are now in the process of “embracing the space” where we are...... to make it OUR HOME after being in transition for two years and existing in five different locations. We are being VERY INTENTIONAL about the space and choices we make. We are being thoughtful about form and function and how we live….. our lifestyle. How we create and cultivate our HOME.

So today I challenge you to:

  1. Stop and look around. Take stock. THINK ABOUT YOUR SPACE.. YOUR HOME. Think about the all the little spots in your house that you have created little pockets of normalcy….. your bathroom counter, your closet, the spot you make your coffee, where you read a book, where you work, where you play, where you eat, where you workout, where you rest…….. All of those areas help you THRIVE and BE YOUR BEST SELF. Find joy in the little things.

  2. Acknowledge with gratitude what you do have that helps you feel at home and the tools and things at your disposal that help you do your job or facilitate your lifestyle

  3. Love the people you are surrounded by - and when I say love - it is an action verb - say, show and act

  4. Believe in abundance - you have everything you need

  5. Discard the clutter that is bogging you down and preventing you from being your best self

  6. Create a space you love. Throw away things that aren’t serving you, move around furniture, organize, hang up a new picture, paint a wall, setup a fitness area, create an inspirational work space……. Whatever you need to live and thrive


  1. Form and function. How does your space support "live and work smart not hard"

  2. Quality over quantity - do the things you select effectively do what you need them to do - buy the best you can afford - save for something if you believe it will be better quality and change/impact your day to day life, health, stress, rest….

  3. Reflection of you - are the functional items, decor, necessities a reflection of you

  4. Share, conquer, divide - how can each person have what they need to feel at home

  5. Is the space a “healthy home”. Does it provide respite, release stress, bring joy, free of toxins, clean, foster healthy habits.

Cultivate the life you want and enjoy your sense of HOME. If you aren’t in a space right now that provides the sense of home you long for - now is the time to set some goals and develop an action plan to get that in your life. Be honest. Be real. Be intentional. Be bold…….

Think about HOME differently! Embrace it wholeheartedly! Appreciate the space that is yours. Because, at the end of the day no matter, how big or small - we all need that place to come back to that helps define who we are, releases our stress and fosters a foundation for us to build on. Don’t take that little coffee corner, comfy bed, or closet for granted. EMBRACE your SPACE! And then, take a moment to think about how we can share our space, blessings, and renewed energy with others, and thank those that serve and are away from their HOME.

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