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Resolutions...spring, summer, any season really

Resolutions for the New Year…. OR SPRING??

Somehow, the first couple months of the new year just flew by. Who’s with me? Even though there is still snow on the ground where I live, I am giddy over how close spring is, 13 days to be exact. (Tuesday, March 20) I can almost taste fresh air, sunshine and flowers.

Since I am getting ready to thaw out, I am also looking at my goals for the year….. but this year, with a few life changes, I neglected to assemble a business plan, resolutions or any form of life goals or dreams for the year. I just finished reading the book recently “Living Forward” by Daniel Harkavy and Michael S. Hyatt.

The book provided great perspective on putting together a plan so you know where you are headed….. just like we plug directions into our phones or GPS when we are headed somewhere. So, I encourage you, if you missed putting a resolution on paper in January, consider putting together some goals, dreams, and plans for the spring. Focus on how you are going to care for yourself and what is important in your life.

Whether it is because of the cliché or the cynic inside you, we are quick to reject resolutions for the New Year. More than a list that is failures you have set yourself up for the coming year, the list of resolutions actually is a really admirable tradition. It reflects the hope that we have that with each turning year comes a chance to turn your life around. If you have ever made a resolution for the new year, it means you have believed in the chance at a fresh start to become the best version of yourself.

I know what you are thinking. If that is so, why is it that we almost always fail? Are we destined to lose conviction to the cause as the months lose days? Are we just not good enough to be the people we want to be?

Before you start tossing out self-esteem and future goals, let us examine the global trend of falling short of your new year resolutions. There must be a reason. Maybe it is in the resolutions we set out – ambitious, abstract goals we set for ourselves. Most times, we do not even know why we want to “do yoga every morning”, is it what our hearts are telling us to do? Can we really follow dreams if we do not know why we have them?

So, let us re-draft our lists with things that may be closer to us than lists from all the years before.

Listen to Yourself What is it that your heart needs most right now? It could be that vacation plan you put off because it was never a good time, it could be quitting your job, or it could be conjuring the courage to paint again. Our hearts and minds are always telling us what we need, and we drown out their voices under all the opinions of other people that we have gathered. Resolve to give your own opinion first priority, and following your heart will make you feel the accomplishment you had missed out on with all other resolutions you set out.Practice Random Acts of Kindness for Everyone. Kindness goes around in a circle. It is bound to come back to you sooner or later, whether as karmic balance of the universe or as the people you helped helping you back. It will refresh your soul and replenish your depleting self-esteem.

Be Kind to Yourself Being kind to ourselves opens up to not only ourselves, but all the people around us too. When we stop searching for someone else to treat us right, and give ourselves the love we deserve, we are left with the energy and ability to treat others better too.

Do one good thing for your body health every day. Set a low-maintenance, abstract goal for yourself every day. Decide what that goal is going to be and commit to it. Soon you will find yourself doing it regularly. Even if it is drink almost 8 glasses of water in a day, the closer you feel to your goal, the more likely you are to go all the way.

Find one thing to be grateful for every day. When you make gratitude a habit, you open yourself to a revolution of perception. As the days progress, the extent of your gratitude will magnify. The wonder and appreciation you will create for life with this habit will open you up to pursuing other accomplishments too. Maybe one day that you are grateful for the way you look, you will love your body and treat it well, losing the weight you wanted to get rid of from the offset by just being good to yourself and not because what someone else thinks.

A few final thoughts…

1.  Pick a journal to use for thoughts, dreams, goals, and brainstorms….maybe a cute notebook from TJ Maxx or something like a Moleskin Journal. There is something therapeutic and permanent about the act of manually writing things down. Dr. Gail Matthews found that “you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.”

2.  Life changes and your goals can too. Without a direction we are just on auto pilot to nowhere specific. So, even if you think some circumstances may change, give yourself the grace and opportunity to reach for something meaningful and good. So, just put some thoughts on paper, no matter how big or small. JUST DO IT!!!

3.  Consider “what by when.” Giving yourself a timeline and measurable steps can be extremely helpful. Break down your resolutions and goals into steps. Calendar reminders periodically throughout the remainder of the year to check in on your progress. Add these into a weekly to-do list to help achieve the steps to achieve the change you want to see in your life.

Having a clear vision helps create sanity and balance.  On the craziest or most frustrating day, it is grounding to go back to your goals and know what you are working towards.  It can help bring a sense of peace and motivation to your day.

To find out more about working with me, email me for a free strategy session, or find out more about a coaching program to help you to accomplish your mindset and weight loss goals.

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