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Brighten Your Home With Spider Plants

both the visible and invisible space in your home can benefit from spider plants

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I have never had a green thumb. But I 💖 LOVE 💖 plants. Botany and growing beautiful flowers run in my family. So much so, that to honor the tradition, we wanted to plan our wedding date around the time peonies bloom, so that we could have them in our wedding. My family owned a peony farm in the early 1900s and provided flowers to the wholesale floral market in Chicago. One of the hardest things for me to leave when we moved from Wisconsin to Florida was the peony plant in our backyard that had been transplanted and propagated from the old peony farm.

My grandma on the peony farm

Enough about the peonies...... although I hope you find a beautiful bloom to admire today. 🌺 I am always looking for ways to improve our home environment and create healthy living space for my family, including pets. There are several indoor house plants noted for purifying air quality. However, many of them are toxic to animals. Since I have two fur babies at home, making sure anything I introduce is safe for dogs in of utmost importance.

My top considerations for buying a house plant:

  1. air purifying qualities

  2. easy care

  3. safe for humans and pets

  4. visually appealing

Winner, winner chicken dinner - I found what seems to be eureka! THE SPIDER PLANT

The common household spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is widely available and recognized as an "easy care" plant. So even for those as an admitted "plant mom failure" I am happy to say - I have been keeping FIVE spider plants alive for over five years! With very little care and maintenance. I even moved them in our cross country move and they continue to thrive. These are also safe for dogs and cats.

There are multiple scientific studies that have looked at the ability of spider plants to cleanse the air. A study by NASA in the 1980s noted spider plants as one of the top plants for removing formaldehyde from the air. Albeit, the study was in a controlled chamber, however, the information found can be applied to everyday scenarios and demonstrate the plants ability to indeed reduce this toxic chemical from the air we breathe. Another more recent study found that spider plants do remediate particulate matter in the air. The EPA defines particulate mater as "Particulate matter contains microscopic solids or liquid droplets that are so small that they can be inhaled and cause serious health problems." As far as I am concerned, even if these are not 100% effective, the visual and physiological benefits combined make the decision easy to incorporate these plants into our home.

Spider plants are easy to care for. I am pretty sure I only water these once a week and other than a little general fertilizer once or twice a year, that's pretty much the extent of complex care. I do pull off any brown leaves from time to time when I am passing through a room, but that takes a total of 30 seconds or less. Spider plants are affordable and can easily be split and re-planted, making them a wise economic choice as well. They do not prefer direct sunlight, so don't put them straight in a window and their preferred temperature is between 65-85 degrees. They can be planted in general potting soil. There are several different varieties to choose from including variegated leaves, such as this option available through Amazon. You can also visit your local garden center to look at the different varieties and pot options available.

Here are some of the additional benefits of having live plants/spider plants in your home:

  • one of the most potent plants shown to purify the air in studies by removing chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and carbon monoxide

  • increases humidity

  • absorb ozone

  • increase oxygen levels

  • safe for pets

  • studies suggest spider plants can help reduce cortisone levels and reduce stress

  • create a happy environment and offer other therapeutic benefits such as improving mood

  • beautiful addition to your decor

  • useful in Feng shui - they are connected to the Earth element

YOUR TO-DO FOR TODAY - GET A SPIDER PLANT!!!!! It checks all my boxes 🌱

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