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Dance To Start Your Day 💃🏻🕺

Today.... I woke up and danced! It's all about living with intention🤩

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After reading some devotionals, painting a watercolor 🎨, and reflecting on the week ahead...... I danced with the dogs outside.

YEP! I’m that crazy lady. I’m fairly sure my 13 year old son would be highly

mortified. Luckily none of his friends live in our immediate neighborhood.

Let me tell you - it set the tone for the day. We have some serious business meetings today. Instead of stressing or obsessing .... I just decided to get the good endorphins flowing.

Five minutes. That’s all it takes.

Sing a song you grew up singing. Turn on your favorite dance tune or just hum a note. It doesn’t matter. Stop judging yourself. Let the good vibes flow. Dancing has a way of waking up every cell in your body with positive energy.

I love listening to Gabby Bernstein's audio book.... the Universe Has Your Back. Today put your intention out for the universe to hear. Live with authenticate ambition. Focus on

Love and Light..... and dance. You’ll be amazed at how your day might begin and end when it’s filled with positive energy that YOU CONTROL. No one else can determine your mood or frame of mind - only you can.

So turn it up and get moving. You’ll burn some extra calories while you’re at it too. Studies have been shown that dancing can help you lose weight, reduce stress, improve mood and stay flexible.



When you begin on a positive note, you'll be amazed at the success you can accomplish to move toward your goals.

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