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are you looking at health a little differently than one month ago?

This morning there was a light dusting of snow on the grill cover. I woke up with a little stuffiness in my head and stiffness in my joints. It could easily be a day to begrudge this weird version of a twilight zone we are calling quarantine 2020.

But.... as I opened the door to let the dogs out and caught a breath of fresh air, I looked out to the sky and realized there is a big beautiful world to embrace. I thought about the past week. I succumbed to what so many internet memes have paid ode to the past few weeks. I cried, I wore workout pants too many days in a row without working out, I put my hair in a messy bun without washing, I drank wine and ate sweets. The anxiety, and uncertainty, and disappointment got to me. Has it gotten to you too?

And then, I snapped back. Back to all the stuff I believe, I share, I preach. Get out of my head. Take control. You've got this.

I realized that foggy head and stiffness were exactly because I had allowed myself to become that. I ate the stuff. I stopped exercising. I fell into a funk.

It's okay because we are all human. We all have the feels. We all slip from time to time.

The beauty of time is advancement of science and understanding and wisdom. There are many areas of science that are different than they were just several years ago. The area of science called "Epigenetics" is beginning to evaluate how our lifestyle and choices actually influence the genes we inherited. Several scientists refer to this thought by using the analogy first captured by Dr. Judith Stern, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition and Internal Medicine at the University of California, Davis...."Genetics loads the gun, environment and lifestyle pull the trigger."

As such, the habits and lifestyle we choose each day can ABSOLUTELY influence how we feel, determine our risk factor for chronic illness and disease, and may contribute to our immune function.

So, I realized the way I was feeling was a direct "slap in the face' due to how I had allowed myself to become. I choose to feel this way.

So - today I am choosing to:








Deep breaths, stretching, meditation, gratitude, exercise, good nourishing whole food, and a schedule. This is what real self care looks like. It doesn't have to be overly indulgent. It just means caring for the body and mind you live in every day.

We are what we allow and accept. If you want it to be different - do something different. TODAY.

Health matters!!!! Wellness matters!!!! It can and will influence your quality of life and vibrancy.

Today - I beg of you to think a little different about how you care for yourself.

Nourishing isn't just about food. Although - food has A LOT to do with it. It is about our actions, our beliefs, our mindset.

Here are some ideas.... Pick one. Then keep doing it - each and every day. That is how we form new habits and create a new paradigm for ourselves. Eat one more green vegetable. Walk for ten more minutes,. Practice deep breathing and listen to a guided meditation. Start a gratitude journal. Make a smoothie. Pause. Add collagen to your coffee. Drink a glass of water. Go to bed an hour early. Make a new salad for lunch with different toppings - nuts, seeds, chia, beets, citrus, etc.... create a new combo from what you have in your pantry and fridge. Leave the sugary snack outside for the birds. After all, as my grandma always says "getting old is for the birds." So - put all the stuff that ages your cells and creates ill feelings - outside - the birds probably know better than to eat it anyway. Or - just simply throw it away.

What one thing will you do today to begin shifting your perspective on creating health for yourself?

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