I’m Julie, Certified Wellness Coach & Healthy Lifestyle Specialist.

Are you overwhelmed or dealing with:

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Digestive discomfort

  • Mood swings

  • Sleep inconsistency

  • Stubborn weight that won’t budge

  • General aches and stiffness

  • Food sensitivities

  • Frustrated by lack of success

  • Feeling “stuck”

  • Challenged when setting goals 

  • Dreaming of something different

  • Confusion about fads and food labels

  • Cravings


Everyone wants to get to “that good place…”

I’m here to redefine wellness and show you how satisfying, peaceful, and simple life can become once you feel good in your body, because that “good place” can be your new normal.

The space where you fell as though your headspace is crystal clear and laser focused. The space where you feel good about yourself.  That ultimate “good place” when your  energy is high, consistent, and joyful.  You feel good.  

Feeling good means you’re alive.  Really alive.  Not dragging, not aching, not scared of a health prognosis, not on a hamster wheel, not confused about what to eat and how to meal plan.  Not overwhelmed or extremely stressed. 

Getting to heart of it…the root of so many common life issues. Our sessions will help identify roadblocks, edit your current lifestyle, increase awareness, create a plan and learn new ways of approaching overall wellness.You can initiate  your own healing process, and find your “good place,” naturally.   

Taking a holistic, practical approach to wellness is at the core of my practice. We are all different, but I know when we fuel our bodies with nutrient dense, unprocessed foods, and practice the steps to caring for ourself, we change on a cellular level.   Focusing on the cellular level delivers REAL change!   But that means more than just food.  Yes, we can choose with our fork everyday, but there are more steps in creating a complete healthy lifestyle that will truly transform our body and mind. 

After graduating from college with a degree in pre-med nutrition, I was climbing the career ladder, working out regularly and following the food pyramid recommendations.  My career took me through an unlikely path in sales and I was always striving for the next level of achievement. I was working long hours and I was stressed.  Through the sales process in real estate, I was guiding, supporting and coaching people through major life transitions.  I was taking care of them but I wasn’t taking care of myself. I experienced a shift in my own body in my thirties.  These shifts were subtle at first and then led to some major medical interventions. (SCARY) 


Those days, those moments were my wake up call.  

  • My wake up call involved: 

  • pulling out my old textbooks 

  • reading scientific articles 

  • immersing myself in books

  • switching doctors

  • talking to people

  • enrolling in a weight loss program

  • starting to exercise 

  • spending real quality time with my family

  • re-learning the new approach to food and nutrition

  • meditating and journaling

  • playing with my dogs

  • using essential oils

  • finding some hobbies

  • clearing the clutter

  • stepping away from a career that didn’t bring me joy


I started to find my “good place.”   It took a few years. And then I realized my journey was supposed to lead me on a path to helping others, to change the paradigm of how we think about food, committing to change our approach to wellness and create a body less likely to succumb to disease rather than suffer from it.  

My interest and hunger were so voracious, I enrolled in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.   I completed my certification and continued with life coaching classes and an aromatherapy certification.    I continue to expand my own journey by reading and attending as many conferences as possible, including Dr. Hyman’s “Feel Good Summit” in 2018. 

Now – it’s your time to start your transformation. Get my healthy eating and living strategies by exploring my coaching programs and decide today to invest in yourself.  Drop me a note to schedule a FREE 30 minute discovery session to find out if one of these solutions is the right path for your journey.


Living balanced is our healing force!


Everything is connected………


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